Our Services

We believe that information is a core business asset which needs to be stored safely and made readily accessible to the right people.

Often, an organization’s information is spread across multiple database applications and spreadsheets. Network Marine can provide database design and development services to create new, rationalized database applications to replace existing data stores, as well as integrating existing data applications to make information available across systems.

We can develop desktop, web, and service applications to make it easier to view, update and manage your data, and create Business Intelligence solutions to make it easier to find and analyse the key information in your data stores.

Custom software solutions aren’t always about databases. Our in-depth programming skills mean we are always ready to talk about how we can help deliver a solution for your niche requirements.

Read our case studies to learn how we’ve helped customers like you.

Call us today to find out how we can help you create, enhance, rationalize or access your business information assets.

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