Database Development

A well designed database provides an efficient mechanism for storing and retrieving information. A poorly designed database can result in data duplication, data inconsistency and poor performance. With years of database design and development experience, Network Marine can create solutions that work best for your data needs.

We favour industry supported products from vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle but we look at each customer’s requirements on an individual basis, so we won’t rule out the cost competitiveness of Open Source products such as MySQL.

Sometimes it’s difficult to draw the line between database development and other activities such as Business Intelligence. Microsoft’s SQL Server database products provide excellent support for Online Analytical Processing and Reporting which are key components of any Business Intelligence solution.

Key Technologies

We use the following key technologies when developing database solutions:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Small to enterprise level relational database, reporting, business intelligence, data integration.
  • Microsoft Access
    • Small business / departmental relational database
  • Oracle
    • Enterprise level relational database.
  • MySQL
    • Open Source relational database.

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