Web Applications

Web applications provide many advantages including access from lots of different devices (desktops, tablets, mobiles etc.), easy deployment (no need to install software on user’s devices), and global reach if your application is targeted at the Internet.

These days, simple web sites can be knocked together by non-programmers using off the shelf tools. Network Marine, however, are skilled in developing more complex solutions, such as web applications which integrate with your existing information systems.

When most people think of the web, they think of web sites used by humans. That isn’t the whole story though, and Network Marine can develop web applications which are accessible by other software systems, allowing you to provide controlled access to your information assets to trusted third parties such as customers and suppliers.

Key Technologies

We use the following key technologies when developing web applications:

  • C# and .Net
    • C#, a powerful, elegant, general purpose programming language, coupled with the underlying Microsoft .Net framework is our preferred back-end programming environment.
  • ASP.Net MVC
    • Active Server Pages and the Model View Controller pattern provide a versatile, scalable, web page generation and delivery mechanism.
  • IIS
    • Microsoft’s Internet Information Services is a mature web hosting product.
  • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft’s flagship database product provides a scalable, secure, efficient and powerful database platform for web sites that need to gather or present lots of data.

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